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Stainless Steel Direct Contact Pressure Sensor

Stainless Steel Direct Contact Pressure Sensor

$ 149.99

Interested in measuring volume in your kettles?  Don't want to mess with bubbler systems?  Well, this direct contact pressure sensor is the answer to your needs!  These sensors will screw into a 1/2" NPT coupler and can measure your liquid or wort directly without the need for an air buffer, bubbler pump, or tubing!

These sensors are a direct replacement for the freescale pressure sensors used in a lot of bubbler systems.  No special programming or setup required!  Check out our page on Volume Measurement for details (again, no need for tubes and bubblers with this sensor)

This sensor will be needed to be mounted as LOW in the kettle as possible, or even on the bottom.  This will present a challenge for direct fired or gas systems as the sensor itself needs to be protected from the heat generated by the flame.  If you are using a direct fired setup, you will need to experiment.  This would be at your own risk.  

For Electric brewers, you will have no issues installing this on the bottom or low on the side of the kettle!

Stainless Steel Measuring Face
1/2" NPT Connection
12v Power Supply
0-5v Signal
0-10kpa pressure range

(Sensor may very from the photo)

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