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M12 Panel Mount

M12 Panel Mount

$ 12.99

This is a standard 4 Pin M12 Panel Mount Adapter for any of your 4 Pin Panel Mount needs.  

It works PERFECTLY with your BrewTroller Phoenix (or any BrewTroller Board) and the 1-Wire Network used for Temperature Probes.

Use this M12 Panel mount along with the other M12 accessories to make connecting your temp probes a breeze!

To Connect this Panel Mount to your BrewTroller Phoenix, locate the 1-Wire Screw Terminals near the ETH Port on the board.  Connect the wires from the Panel Mount as described below:

Black wire to the GND Screw Terminal
Blue Wire to the 1W Screw Terminal
Brown Wire to the 5v Screen Terminal
White Wire is not Used

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