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Quick Start Guide

(a PDF version of this is available for download and print)

BrewTroller Quickstart

You just received your BrewTroller Phoenix, what do you do now?  This guide will be your first steps, but will not be a detailed assembly guide, or decision making tool.  Look for our other BrewTroller 101 documents for details like that.

This guide will help you to get power applied to your board, get the I2CLCD and Encoder connected, and get the right Firmware for your system installed on the board.  So lets get started!

Step One, Hook it Up!

I know this is going to sound simplistic, bit it is the first step!  Take your BrewTroller Phoenix out of the package and take stock of what else you have.  Do you have a 12v Power Supply?  Do you have the I2CLCD Controller?  Do you have a 20x4 LCD?  Do you have a rotary encoder?   Do you have an I2C Cable? If you don’t, get those first. has all of these available for purchase.

Now that you have all the pieces, we need to connect them. 

Step 1 Make sure the Power Supply is not powered on yet.  Connect the +(positive) from your 12v power supply to the + on the BrewTroller.  Connect the -(negative) to the - as well.  Make sure the Power Supply is not powered on yet.

Step 2 is to connect the I2CLCD Controller and the LCD panel.  On the back of the LCD Panel is a set of pins.  They will plug into a set of holes on the back of the I2CLCD board.  Then connect the Encoder onto the blue or black 6x2 pin socket on the I2CLCD board.  Finally, connect the I2CLCD board to the Phoenix Board with the I2C Cable. 

Step 3 is to plug in the power supply.   When you do this, you will see a number of LEDs light on the BrewTroller board, and you should see the “BrewTroller” and version number screen on the LCD display.  If you do not, you need to stop and troubleshoot!  Head to the website for support!

Now that we have the POWER, its time for the Brains!

Now that you have a powered on BrewTroller, its time to do your first customization.  To do this, you need a USB cable that will connect to the BrewTroller’s Socket and to your Computer.  You will also need to download a few things:

Custom Arduino IDE

This can be downloaded at  Selected the 0022 IDE for your operating system.

BrewTroller Firmware Version 2.6

This can also be downloaded at


Step 1 is to unzip the BrewTroller firmware to your computer.  Make sure that the unzipped folder is named “BrewTroller” and nothing else.

Step 2 is to navigate into the new folder, and find the HWProfiles folder.  Go in that folder and you will see a list of all the various boards that have been built.  Go to the Phoenix (or whatever board you have.  Phoenix is the same as the DX2 if you have a DX2).

Once in the Phoenix (or your board’s) Folder, pick the brewery type you want to use.  Copy the HWProfile.h file and paste it over the default one in the “BrewTroller” folder you just created when you unzipped the firmware.  It will replace the file thats already there.



Step 3 is to open the IDE you downloaded, and go to File>Open
You want to select the BrewTroller.pde file to open.  Once you have done this, it will open multiple files in the IDE.  You can select the HWProfiles.h file and the Config.h file if you want to read through the options available to you to configure and customize.


Step 4 is to make sure your BrewTroller is connected to power and to your Computer via USB, and upload to the board.  To do this, make sure the right Board is selected in the Tools Menu (Sanguino W/ATmega1284p). You also need to have the right Serial Port selected.  You can see the right port appear in the menu when you plug in the USB.  It won’t be there if the USB isn’t plugged in.   

Once you have port and board selected, you can click the Upload Button (highlighted in white below)

You will see the firmware compile and upload in the black box at the bottom of the window, an you should see the LEDs next to the USB port on the Phoenix flash rapidly.  If you get a sync error, make sure the jumper is installed next to the USB drive.  You can also try hitting the reset button until the lights start flashing.  Again, if you have issues, reach out to us for support.

Once the upload is complete, you should see the new version number (if you’ve updated) appear on the screen, and you should be all set.


You have now configured your board for your brewery and are ready to build it into the controller of your choice!!  You can use these same instructions in the future to update your firmware or change some of the configuration options!  We are working on a beta version of an updater that is easier to use, does not require the IDE or changing code to configure!  Stay tuned for information on this.  If you are interested in trying the beta version, send us an email and we can get you plugged in!!  Enjoy your BrewTroller!  -Cheers!