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BrewTroller User Spotlight - Bryan Rabe

BrewTroller User Spotlight - Bryan Rabe

How long have you been a BrewTroller User:

5-10 Years

What BrewTroller Boards have you used:

BrewTroller 4

What type of system are you brewing on now:


Have you used FermTroller:


What are the components of your system:

2 elements,  14 valves, 6 temp probes, 3 pressure sensors, auto/off/on switches for all valves and elements using a pair RGBIO8's, BTnic. Internally host Webapp. 17" touchscreen on control panel

Describe your Brewery:

3 vessel semi automated Herms.  Everything is CIP. I recently rebuilt the system from the ground up so still trying to get everything exactly like I want it.

What Customizations have you done (Both hardware and software):

Constantly tweaking hardware and software.  A lot of work with WTG ratios, and grain absorption.  A lot of volume reading tweaking, and smart Herms stuff.

What is your favorite beer you've brewed on a BrewTroller:


If there was one thing you could add to BrewTroller, what would it be:

Better pressure sensing, and flow controls.

What is your favorite thing about using BrewTroller:

Repeatability and precision.

Photos of Bryan's Brewery: