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BrewTroller 4.x Controllers (No Longer Produced)

BrewTroller 4.x Controllers (No Longer Produced)

Product Status


The BrewTroller 4.1 board.


  • Heat Outputs for HLT, MLT, Boil Kettle, Steam Heater
  • 3 Headers for manual heat control of HLT, MLT, Kettle
  • 16 Pump/Valve Outputs on-board
  • 4 Opto-isolated inputs for external trigger events
  • E-Stop header for connection to an optional e-stop control board
  • 4 Expansion headers that allow modules to be swapped out for additional features
  • MUX header for expansion to 32 Pump/Valve outputs with optional MUX boards
  • Pressure Sensor inputs for volume sensing of HLT, MLT, Kettle, Steam
  • Transistor switched output for buzzer control, allows for high powered siren or to control a relay for lights, fog horn, etc.


Board Size: H 3.22" X W 3.77"
Power Input: 12v 1A
Max Draw for Pump/Valve Outputs: 500MA
Max Draw for Heats Output: 500MA

This page is for reference only, no further development is being done for the 4.x boards.  You may use current versions of the firmware