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BrewTroller HOWTO Series - M12 1 Wire Network

M12 1-Wire Network

A linear bus topology is recommended to provide reliable 1-Wire communication (See Guidelines for Reliable Long Line 1-Wire® Networks). BrewTroller offers a a line of M12 temperature probes along with cables and connectors that provide a quick and easy way to connect your 1-Wire network.

  • Start your one wire network with the M12 3-Pin Female Panel Mount with Cable.
  • Use a 1-Wire Temperature Probe for each sensor function in your system.
  • Finally connect your network together using a combination of M12 Extension Cables and M12 3-Pin T-Connector Splitters. Order at least one cable per probe (2' and 6' lengths are available) or if necessary use multiple extension cables in series for longer runs. The last sensor will not require a splitter so you will require one less splitter than the number of probes in your system.