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BrewTroller HOWTO Series - Direct Fired Systems

Direct Fired

The diagram below shows a Direct Fired, 3-Vessel system controlled by the BrewTrollertroller DX2 using Honeywell Continuous Pilot Valves. Intermittent Pilot Control Modules are also available but require extra attention to ensure noise generated by the ignition circuit does not interfere with the function of the rest of the control system. 
The diagram below shows a possible plumbing configuration for a single-tier, two-pump direct fired system. With seven valves, two pumps and the heat and alarm outputs shown in the diagram above, this configuration uses 13 of the Brewtroller DX2's available outputs.

  • All valves require a constant 12V DC supply. A terminal block is used to simplify wiring. Each valve is directly controlled from an output on the DX1 without requiring a relay.
  • Chilling is accomplished in this system using a permanently mounted immersion chiller.
  • A side input to the kettle is used for Sparge Out as well as for whirlpool during chilling.