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BrewTroller HOWTO Series - M12 1 Wire Network

M12 1-Wire Network A linear bus topology is recommended to provide reliable 1-Wire communication (See Guidelines for Reliable Long Line 1-Wire® Networks). BrewTroller offers a a line of M12 temperature probes along with cables and connectors that provide a quick and easy way to connect your 1-Wire network. Start your one wire network with the M12 3-Pin Female Panel Mount with Cable. Use a 1-Wire Temperature Probe for each sensor function in your system. Finally connect your network together using a combination of M12 Extension Cables and M12 3-Pin T-Connector Splitters. Order at least one cable per probe (2' and 6' lengths are available) or if necessary use...

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BrewTroller HOWTO Series - Add On Modules

Add-On Modules PID Display Optional PID Display Modules can be used to display certain system values using large, bright LED displays. PID displays are most often used to show a specific vessels current temperature and setpoint. These modules can also be used to show current and target volume for a vessel or the Mash and Boil timer values.  PID displays are available from E-Stop (available soon) E-Stop functionality can be enabled using a switch connected directly to a digital input however additional protection is provided when using the optional E-Stop module. The E-Stop module can be used to control contactors...

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BrewTroller HOWTO Series - Single Vessel

Single Vessel

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BrewTroller HOWTO Series - Recirculated Mash

Recirculated Mash 2 Tier The diagram below shows an example control panel layout for a 3-Vessel HERMS system with 240V electric HLT and Kettle controlled by the Brewtroller Phoenix. Notes: Always use GFCI protection devices for all circuits used in your system Electric heating elements should be permanently mounted in the vessel; A "heatstick" configuration is not recommended Wiring connections for electric heating elements must be enclosed to act as a barrier preventing people and liquids from making contact with dangerous voltages Vessels with electric heating elements should be grounded as shown by the green wire extending from the back...

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BrewTroller HOWTO Series - Getting Started

Getting Started BrewTroller is a firmware application for monitoring and controlling your brewing system. The firmware is designed to run on the BrewTroller line of controllers developed and manufactured BrewTroller. Legacy "BrewTroller 3.x" and "BrewTroller 4.x" controllers manufactured by OSCYSYS are also still supported by the firmware at this time. Temperature Monitoring and Control BrewTroller uses Maxim DS18B20 1-Wire digital temperature sensors to monitor various temperatures in your brewing system. These sensors connect via a 1-Wire communication bus that uses a single data wire along with signal ground and bus power. The use of 1-Wire temperature sensors allows many temperature sensors...

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